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Create personal, private and public calendars and notes
Manage your days, weeks, life

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Create your notes and checklists. You can share your notes, texts with other people and write notes together.


Create calendars with birthdays, plans and notes. You can share your calendars to Google Calendars in .ical format.


You can share your notes and calendars and manage user roles.

The service is currently under development. This could be a reason for bags.

The service is developed by one developer, development can take a long time, but your ideas can be included in the service. Registration is now closed, but you can write to me.

Can't find the features you're looking for? Write to me!

If you need any functions or have an idea about the service, you can write to me. I can try to implement your idea.

The service is free. You can help development and donate.

The service does not contain ads and does not generate profit. The service is developed for our own needs.